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-1st album "Del amor y del juego":

Twelve tunes made with the most humble and popular instrument of all, the harmonica. Some of these melodies were initially created for plays and some have been composed as a family. There are some waltzes, boléro, blues or bossa nova, heartbreak songs or music that smells like a harbor by night! A small journey guided by the instrument most prized by travelers.

-2nd album "À l'oreille":

9 tracks recorded live in the studio on October 19, 2021 with Le Petit Comité!

The sound of strings and wood mingles with the sound of air in metal through a few flamenco pieces, buleria, tanguillo, waltzes. All the musicians recorded together, we saw each other and we all knew that the errors were also going to be recorded. The risk! A playful game between the violin and the harmonica nourishes the most theatrical musics, supported by the mystery created by the guitars. Some of these tunes have been created and played for many years in many theater festivals, others are the fruit of curiosity born from the flamenco compas workshops.

Painting by Marie Jo COUZY, La Rochelle

Stéphane Laidet's 2 albums (MP3 320kbps/ZIP)

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